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Kleptomania- an irresistible impulse to steal, stemming from emotional disturbance rather than economic need.

Creptomania- an irresistible urge to get steals, stemming from an emotional need to get all the heat on feet.

While we’re not trying to belittle the sufferers of Kleptomania, like them we want to hoard, and grab as many pairs as possible. What it is it about the humble sneaker that has turned it into a cultural phenomenon? Is it comfort? The designs? The colours? The marketing hype? Or the memories they reignite?

Can you remember your first pair? We can. It was a pair of Nike Air Trainer SC High. They were beautiful, and we got them as a bribe from our parents, for going to the Ideal Home show with them. I’d happily spend a couple of hours wandering around some show homes for a new pair of kicks!

And while obviously we all want to look good, and stand out from the crowd, but it’s these memories, and the warm glow inside we associate with these bits of leather, nylon, and rubber, that is the reason we keep coming back for more. 

While this obsession started on our feet, we have been awestruck by the amount of quality artwork based around this hobby way of life. From art toys to digital prints, watercolour painting and customised shoes, we’ve even sourced some stained glass Nike Airs.
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