Emmanuel Nouaillier

Emmanuel Nouaillier is a 55 year old french miniature artist and photographer. Using such materials as plaster, cardboard and foam board, he’s obsessed at capturing the atmosphere of fading traces from the past time, and focus his work on the aestheticism of the decay. From antique storefronts of another era to faded ghost signs or a strongly derelict door with its vintage typography, he creates unique artworks mixing engraving, sculpture, assembly and an endless ageing process. The outcome gives rise to hyper realistic “fragments” in scale, presenting these pieces like 3d pictures of the past that fades over time. Worked to achieve a pictorial balance both in the effects of textures and in the contrasts engendered by the layers of ageing, the essential is said in these creations and each element will seem to have it's history.
Fulfilled with nostalgia and sensibility, these melancholic works sum up his own vision of the relics from a bygone age.
Emmanuel is registered as a professional artist & author. He took part in figurative artfairs in France as well as the Miniature Art Show at Beinart Gallery in Melbourne,  Australia. Solo shows are planed for 2021. To see more of his artworks and inspirations, please visit Emmanuel Instagram profile: http://instagram.com/wallsfromthepast 
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