"Minimal Work" by Sue Munson


Medium: Acrylic, pen and markers

Measurements: Approximately 22cm(h) x 22cm(w) x 4cm(d)

Pieces come framed as seen in photos.


Minimal work was inspired by trips to Paris, shape and thought. Initially thinking of flight, the shape morphed into a symbol that most people view as a house. This shape is all around us and within that shape so many things take place. It is a Sanctuary. Most of us in the Western world live within that shape. Is it a place we go to feel safe and loved?, or is it a place that represents something more sinister a place that for some being homeless is a better option. The work is minimal and contemplative.

Sue Munson matched her acrylics to Old Holland Oils as she didn't want them to look like acrylic paintings. She used multiple glazes to build depth. That larger works have about eighteen layers.  She also uses pen and markers.