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Sam Hewitt - Solo Show 06.09.19 - 29.09.19


*The artwork is currently being created for the show, so we will tease the work in newsletters and on Instagram as the artist feels it is ready to share*
The title refers to the intergenerational trauma encoded into the myths and actions of fathering. 
The title refers to the actions and attitudes boys may inherit from their fathers; taking them on as our own despite our situations being different from theirs and requiring different strategies.
The behaviours my grandfather put in place to cope with the pain of his childhood, became the cause of the pain with which my father learned to cope. My father’s coping mechanisms, in turn, shaped much of my habitual behaviour.
"the individual who wishes to have an answer to the problem of evil as is posed today, has need, first and foremost, of self-knowledge, that is, the utmost possible knowledge of their own wholeness. They must know relentlessly how much good they can do and what crimes they are capable of, and must beware of regarding the one as real and the other as illusion. Both are elements within their nature, and both are bound to come to light in them, should they wish - as they ought - to live without self-deception or self-illusion.” -  C G Jung

“The Father Wound” - 104x76cm, oil on linen

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